VIC Transport Infrastructure Conference 2022

23-24 February 2022
Melbourne Convention
& Exhibition Centre
Melbourne, Victoria

Leading Commercial Property Services provider signs up for Vic Transport Infrastructure Conference

Posted On June 2, 2021

Leading Commercial Property Services provider  signs up for Vic Transport Infrastructure Conference

Archicomm, Australia’s leading Commercial Property Services provider has signed up for the Vic Transport Infrastructure Conference scheduled for 16 and 17 June at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

A panacea for the Civil Construction industry, Archicomm specialises in a range of services from Dilapidation Surveys to Road/Street Asset Surveys and Existing Condition Reports.

Archicomm provides a comprehensive dilapidation inspection survey service nationally for all types of construction activities particularly buildings affected by infrastructure works.

Utilising a team of highly experienced field inspectors with the latest technology including HD Video, Defect Tag Mapping, Drone HD Video and Photography, as required, dilapidation inspection surveys are conducted by an independent third-party contractor to prevent any conflict of interest between the affected parties.

The report (written and photographic) identifies any existing defects that may be present, prior to the commencement of construction, providing a benchmark against which to measure and gauge any changes that may occur as result of the demolition, excavation or construction work.

When construction and building work is near to other properties an existing conditions report is required to mitigate the risk of issues arising in relation to cracking, water leakage or deterioration of the surrounding properties.

This could be due to vibration from heavy equipment used for excavation work and even if the construction work is carefully managed it has the potential to cause damage to nearby and adjacent buildings, properties and street assets.

To protect all parties, it is prudent to carry out a full photographic record of the existing condition of the surrounding properties prior to the work commencing on the construction site. This will form a baseline for any future damage claims due to demolition, excavation or construction work.

As part of the approval process for construction and development to occur, local councils may also request that a street asset dilapidation survey be carried out in relation footpaths, kerbs, channels, gutters, roads and other council street assets prior to the construction activity.

Archicomm provides a comprehensive photographic defect tagging and high definition video services for this type of survey to capture the pre-existing condition of a property prior to the commencement of demolition, excavation and construction works and a post inspection once the works are complete.

The Dilapidation Report provides a baseline in relation to the condition of a property from the perspective of any defects or damage.

Avoid expensive and lengthy disputes or possible legal proceedings in relation to property damage by engaging registered and insured contractors who can provide a comprehensive inspection service designed to meet your project’s specific needs.

It offers protection to all parties particularly against any litigation, providing peace of mind to stakeholders and project owners in relation to potential property damage due to impending demolition, excavation and construction project works.

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23-24 February 2022

Melbourne Convention
& Exhibition Centre
Melbourne, Victoria



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